Our Marketing Adventures

Through our eye-catching content and engaging marketing communication activities, we celebrate all medals awarded and help you to do the same. Medal winning wines from the IEWA benefit from all of the following:

Studio Photography

All medal-winning bottles have a professional studio photograph wearing their shiny new medal sticker. We supply these photos to producers at no extra cost and with no restrictions on use. The images are designed for social media use, and for this content we collaborate with Bristol food and drink photographer Pete Axford.

Website Winners Gallery

Each medal winning wine has their studio photograph added to the gallery of medal winners for that year’s competition. You can check out 2017 and 2018 if you have a moment. This indicates medal classification, then hovering over the image reveals producer, wine name, and vintage, and a click takes you through to the producer’s own website.

IEWA Social Media

We post all medal wins on our digital channels. Social media is one of our favourite things: It’s engaging, democratic, cost-effective, and there is no better way to connect with the people you want to reach. We’re zealous contributors to the online noise around English wine, and Instagram and Twitter where we’re most active – see you there!

The #IEWAtakeover

Social media is about community, and on Instagram we invite medal-winning producers to be part of the #IEWAtakeover, an innovative month long cross-promotional celebration of the people behind the wines. Great for audience building, a different guest ‘takes over’ and tells their story from our account every day during September. Search for the hashtag to see it all!

Medal Certificates

Not all our marketing ideas are new. Off-line materials have a big role to play, and from 2019 all medal winners will receive a PDF file certificate marking their medal achievement. With wine tourism and the domestic cellar door movement gaining momentum, these are for the tasting room wall, and were designed in collaboration with Great British Wine.

“We celebrate all medals awarded and provide the marketing collateral to enable producers do the same. I believe that’s how the IEWA can deliver outstanding value for producers, and make a real difference for English wine.”

Alexander Taylor, Founder, The IEWA