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Eleven really good reasons to enter the IEWA this year:

  1. Gain increased recognition and raise the profile of your wine to the level that its quality and potential merits.
  2. Stand out! Our research shows that 73% of consumers say a medal makes a bottle stand out from other options.
  3. Medals will be listed here at iewa.uk in our winners gallery, with a pic of your bottle and a link to your website.
  4. Each winning bottle has a studio photo taken showing its new accolade, for your unlimited marketing use.
  5. Winners benefit from our significant PR and social media marketing efforts, like the Instagram Takeover.
  6. Sensibly priced medal stickers for bottles, and license free artwork for marketing are available and downloadable.
  7. Boost sales. Research indicates that 70% of consumers are willing to spend more on an award winning wine.
  8. With a single competition submission, your wine will reach a broad range of industry experts and influencers.
  9. This is an opportunity for an established wine to reconnect, or a new wine to launch with ‘medallist’ status.
  10. An excellent chance, early in the year, to benchmark your wine against its peers – an invaluable exercise.
  11. The IEWA is a cost effective marketing option; a competition committed to giving value and raising your profile.