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12 really good reasons to enter #IEWA21

There are many reasons why we think entering the IEWA is a good idea. Here are a few:

  1. Boost your brand: Gain increased recognition and raise the profile of your wine and vineyard.
  2. Stand out: Our research shows that 73% of consumers say a medal makes a bottle stand out from other options.
  3. Appear in our gallery: Medals are listed here, with clickable bottle photograph linked straight through to your website.
  4. Get studio bottle photography: Each winning bottle has a pro photo taken meaning its medal, for unlimited marketing use.
  5. Show up in our Comms: Winners benefit from our PR and social media efforts, like live interviews, and social Takeovers.
  6. Cost effective collateral: Sensibly priced medal stickers for bottles, and free digital materials are both available for you.
  7. Boost sales: Research indicates that 70% of consumers are willing to spend more on an award winning wine.
  8. Connect with a broad panel: With a single competition entry, your wine reaches a wide range of experts and influencers.
  9. Activate your brand: This is an opportunity for established producers to reconnect, or new wine to launch with a medal.
  10. Benchmarking opportunity: A chance for you to benchmark your wine against its peers – an invaluable exercise.
  11. Social media: With comms happening almost solely on social media in 2021, a social media driven comp makes sense.
  12. Get ROI: The IEWA is a cost effective marketing tool, committed to giving winners value and raising their profile.
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